Candidate Information for Municipal and Federal election

LSCO All-Candidates Meet and Greet for the Municipal election:

Friday, October 15

11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Stage and Card areas

Please call our front desk to book your table. We are using a smaller space this year, so book early as we may limit the number of tables available.


LSCO does not allow “campaigning” throughout the building. I f candidates wish to book space to meet with our members they may do so at the following rates:

Stage Area, Card Room and Atrium rent at $43 per hour

Table in the lobby rents at $25 per hour. Coffee, tea, cookies available at an additional charge.

Please book these spaces through Chris, extension 59

This is the most current online resources to find Doctors taking patients.

Home | Chinook Primary Care Network


Covid-19 & Vaccination Information

Click on the links below to view or print the information sheets on Covid-19.

Click on the link below to read or download the 2020 Annual Report.

LSCO 2020 Annual Report

Health Resources for Seniors

Seniors’ Centre Without Walls | Edmonton Southside PCN

Free to anyone and available over the phone and web.



Support Group sessions will continue with limited attendance and all public health guidance and physical distancing requirements must be followed.

Support Services such as snow removal, homemaking services and Meals on Wheels will continue.


LSCO Re-launch Procedures

Click on the link below to download or read the re-launch procedures for LSCO.

LSCO Relaunch Procedures

The Board of Directors, Executive, Staff /Members of the LSCO welcome you to our Organization.

Our concept of a “service to seniors by seniors” was introduced to Lethbridge in 1974.
The Organization has expanded and grown and has become one of the largest seniors organizations in Canada.

Established as a Society in July 1975 as a multipurpose 56,200 square foot senior centre located in the heart of the city. It is designed to be the community focal point on aging where older persons as individuals or in groups can come together for services, activities and sociability.