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LSCO House Cleaning Services

LSCO House Cleaning Services is committed to providing light house cleaning assistance to individuals over the age of 55, who are unable to perform such tasks due to illness, recent hospitalization, disability or advanced age, and enable them to continue living independently. You must be a resident of the City of Lethbridge to qualify. Fees are based on yearly income; line 15000 of your most recent notice of assessment from your income tax. To access this service or for more information, call 403-320-2222.

For individuals over the age of 65

  $10 per Hour $15 per Hour Not Eligible
Single $0 to $24,885 $24,886 to $29,285 Over $29,286
Couple $0 $39,345 $39,346 to $47,545 Over $47,546

For individuals age 60 to 64 (AISH and/or Alberta Works Recipients)

$10 per Hour $15 per Hour
Under $20,220 Over $20,221

Lawn Care/Snow Removal Service

Eligible individuals can access help with their lawn care and/or snow removal. LSCO will coordinate with a contractor and obtain a price for these services.