Come Alive at the LSCO

At the Lethbridge Senior Citizens Organization, we're dedicated to enhancing the lives of older adults in our community. By becoming a member, you gain access to a wide range of exclusive benefits that cater to your needs, interests, and well-being.

Member Benefits

Please visit the LSCO in person to pay for your membership and collect your member key fob

As a member, you'll enjoy significant discounts on our diverse range of programs, from fitness classes to arts and crafts workshops. You'll also gain acess to members only classes and groups.

Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. Engage in meaningful volunteer opportunities that contribute to the well-being of others and foster connections.

Benefit from free or reduced rates for essential health services, including visits to the Foot Doctor, Hearing Specialists, and legal advice. Your well-being is our priority.

Your voice matters. As a member, you're eligible to exercise your voting privileges at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), shaping the direction of the LSCO and influencing decisions.

Membership Fees and Discounts


Individuals 55 years +


Individuals 35 - 54 years


Volunteer Discount

For every 50 hours of verifiable volunteer time worked, members receive $10 off their annual membership fee. Volunteer hours must be entered in the MySeniorsCenter System.

Recruit a Non-Member Friend to Join Discount

Get a non-member friend to join the LSCO and get $5 off your next years membership. In fact, we’ll give you $5 off EVERY non-member you get to join to a maximum of $50.

LSCO Welcome Policy

The Welcome Policy allows individuals to access membership and programs at LSCO at a lower cost. The subsidy is dependent on the income of the individual(s). Please bring in your prior year income tax for verification (line 15000).

Subsidy of 25% for those who are below the following thresholds:

  • Single: Under $30,000
  • Couple: Under $50,000
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