Income Tax Return Assistance

Income Tax Preparation Program

If you are interested in the Income Tax program please print and fill out  the Tax Drop Off Information sheet.

LSCO is part of the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program through Revenue Canada. Our volunteers, after being screened and trained by Revenue Canada, are able to complete simple tax returns for individuals with modest income, free of charge, during tax season which is March and April.

Towards the end of February qualifying individuals may drop off their tax slips with us. Once the return is complete, we will call the individual to come in and pick up the paperwork. If individuals are not able to drop off their paperwork, arrangements can be made to do their return over the telephone.

To qualify, a single person’s total income must be under $35,000 or a couple’s total combined income must be under $45,000.

Volunteers can not file returns for the following tax situations:
• are over the income limit
• have investment income over $1,000
• self employed or have employment expenses
• have business or rental income or expenses
• have capital gains or losses
• filed for bankruptcy in the tax year (or the year before if that return has not yet been filed)
• are completing a tax return for a deceased person

For more information on this program please stop by the administration office or call 403-320-2222.