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Welcome to Member Spotlight

Welcome to our newest feature: Member Spotlight. We want to give members the opportunity to get to know each other a bit better by sharing your personal stories, experiences, and interests with each other.

Our aim is to spotlight the rich lives our members lead so, we will be delving into some of their personal history as well as fun facts like celebrities they have met or music they enjoy on this page, the member board, on social media, and in the paper.

A special thank you to Carol Sekiya for coming up with this idea, interviewing members and writing up the articles!

Keith is currently the President of the LSCO Executive Board; He has been the President since 2017 when he first joined the Board. He was ‘nudged’ into the organization by Charlie Brown, Learn more

There are some famous pairs in the world: Holmes & Watson, Tweedledum & Tweedledee, Tom & Jerry etc. These pairs are instantly recognizable to us or among the circles or groups they Learn more

Millie Shewchuk was born on Fair Island, a small island community off of Newfoundland. She recalls life being rather simple there as they could only grow the basics like potatoes, Learn more

If you are always awed by the beauty of the orchids and amaryllis blooms displayed at
the entrance to the cafeteria, then you have Ed to thank for that. Best known as the LSCO’s volunteer “Green Thumb”Learn more

Heidi Brandt is a very new member of LSCO. Still learning about all that LSCO offers, she is excited about carefully “getting her feet wet.” She currently volunteers at the Boutique Learn more

Gerald “Gerry” De Bow was born in Moncton, New Brunswick into a very devout Baptist family. One of his earliest memories is hearing the sound of sirens “blowing all day” Learn more

As a typical retiree who tries to keep very active with a variety of commitments, Judy began her journey at LSCO when she signed up for Pound and Zumba. Classes she still enjoys Learn more

A reluctant interviewee for this column who reveals much more to her person under closer scrutiny, Coralee Palmer has been a proud member of LSCO since 2017. She credits Learn more

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