Judy Holmes

As a typical retiree who tries to keep very active with a variety of commitments, Judy began her journey at LSCO when she signed up for Pound and Zumba. Classes she still enjoys when they fit into her busy schedule.

Judy’s father was an Austrian immigrant, while her mother’s family originated from Odessa. She was born in Taber and mostly grew up in Hays where she attended up to Grade 9.  She then moved on to Grade 10 in Vauxhall, and finished up her high school education in Lethbridge when her family moved again the following year. She has five siblings who were born in Saskatchewan, Medicine Hat and Taber.

Judy’s parents operated a radio show in Saskatchewan. This led her and her siblings to become very involved in music. She and two of them learnt to sing and play musical instruments from a very young age. She started competing in talent shows and became known as a successful ‘child’ singer. She fondly remembers the first song she ever performed publicly “Rye Whiskey”.

At the age of 6, she and her Dad’s accordion shot to the top spot at a talent show and won a monetary prize. By the age of 10, Judy was singing front and centre in a touring 4-person country music band; the band played in the Rolling Hills, Vauxhall, and Brooks areas. She really enjoyed this time of her life and is glad that she had the full support of her family to encourage her talent and passion. She recalls Saturday nights where family, neighbors, and friends would gather with their musical instruments and a great time would be had by all. She had hoped/thought that she would eventually go on to have a career in music but, life happened.

After Grade 11, Judy married Ken and they moved to Kitimat, where he worked as an electrician. They went on to live in Kamloops and Sparwood, where they started their family and had three daughters. They moved their family to Lethbridge where Ken worked for his Dad and eventually took over the business in 1990.

To Judy, having to juggle marriage, family, and becoming business owners meant a very hectic, but rewarding lifestyle. In 2001, they initiated Holmes Eco-Water and she feels good that this provided them the opportunity to hire reliable employees that were challenged in most other types of work. Judy retired from the business three years ago.

Always the active athlete, Judy played baseball and volleyball as a youngster. She and Ken were even involved in a family slow-pitch team for several years until their daughters’ activities took over. Judy and Ken are also avid curlers, they have twice been Provincial winners and they went to Canadian Nationals twice, once winning a bronze.

Judy still loves and enjoys all kinds of music and she always tries to make it a constant factor in her life. She has even been to the Los Angeles Opera production of ‘Evita’. Thus far, she has led one grandchild to music and he is helping her learn to read music. The family enjoys listening and singing along to old albums on the record player. She thoroughly enjoys karaoke, but hasn’t quite found the time yet to join the LSCO club. She still picks up her accordion and guitar to play for her own entertainment whenever she has the time.

According to Judy, she tries to remember that “life is short and to enjoy every moment!” She has been a volunteer at the LSCO Diner for about a year now and can be found there at least once per week doing food service. She also enjoys her volunteer fundraising work with the West Lethbridge Lions Club.

She and Ken love to travel to meet up with friends. Some of their favorite destinations are Mexico and Hawaii. Judy also enjoys reading, taking care of her four grandchildren, attending their sport events, and generally keeping busy.

She and Ken celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 2023 and she is happy to report that they still enjoy each others’ company. Judy says she is most proud of her family, especially her four grandchildren.

A relatively new LSCO member, Judy is an accomplished addition to the cadre of its committed volunteers . Thanks Judy, and Welcome!