Keith Sumner

Keith is currently the President of the LSCO Executive Board; He has been the President since 2017 when he first joined the Board. He was ‘nudged’ into the organization by Charlie Brown, a prior president of the organization.

Keith views the Board as planners for the long term goals of the organization. He believes that the LSCO is not just a “membership club”, but an organization that can and performs many roles for individuals in the community regardless of their membership status. This he believes is achieved with the variety of services the LSCO provides, be it Meals on Wheels, fitness programs & opportunities, etc.

He is a strong believer in “succession planning” as he does expect to turn the reins over to another member in due course. This is why he is doing his best to recruit new board members as much as possible.

Keith had a successful 37 year career in the Alberta Public Service with the Alberta Consumer and Corporate Affairs Ministry before he left paid employment 9 years ago. He describes his time with the Consumer Protection Legislation as “very satisfying”.

Keith is relatively ‘new’ to Lethbridge, having lived here for the past 29 years. He says that “Lethbridge has been good to me.” But Keith has also been good to this community. He has been able to contribute to the community in various ways. For example, he was a charter member of the local Dragon Boat Festival. Keith has also been involved with the Board of the South Country Treatment Centre. He also represented the Seniors sector in the City’s Economic Development efforts and found the experience to be very interesting and rewarding.

A favorite saying of Keith’s is “ The only real sin is not allowing a person to experience the consequences of their decisions.”

Keith enjoys ice cream and still savors the memories of his mother’s lemon meringue pie. He loves music from the 80’s and is an avid CBC listener. He prefers to read digitally, especially newspapers. He also spends his personal time exploring yoga and meditation.

Keith wants members to know that he is “approachable” and would appreciate being taken up on this if you see him around the Centre.

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