Volunteer Spotlight- Barb

Barb Dodd had always wanted to devote more time to volunteering within the Lethbridge community, but being a busy mom
raising kids, helping with the PTA, and working did not leave her enough time for all of the volunteer work she wanted to do.

However, volunteering is in her blood, having come from a small town that relied heavily on local volunteers, so she decided after retirement to donate her time to our Drive Happiness Program and the Good Samaritans.

Barb really enjoys working with and helping the seniors here in our community and knows that sometimes seniors can become the forgotten people of society. It’s important to her that she does what she can to help them feel cared for and supported. After all, she says “we will all be there one day.” Having lost her grandparents, spending time with seniors can feel a bit like having grandparents again, and she truly values that.

Also, she is sometimes able to bring her adult son who is special needs when she drives, which allows for meaningful interaction and connection for both her son and the seniors she drives for.

Barb says it’s always interesting and entertaining to hear the stories of those she drives for; she’s even been serenaded, having one person sing her rendition of Mercedes Benz by Joni Mitchell during a trip! Ultimately, she enjoys giving her time while getting to know and connect with those she drives for.

The flexibility of the scheduling of Drive Happiness makes it easy to negotiate her many recreational activities around her volunteering. According to Barb, if you’re looking for something that is flexible and allows you to give back, driving for Drive Happiness is the way to go!