Volunteer Spotlight- Veronica

Veronica has been volunteering with LSCO for 8 years doing dishes, food prep, bingos, and (more recently) sitting on the Board of Directors.

She considers LSCO to be her second family and loves to watch the groups of seniors coming together here at the center to find a sense of community and belonging. Veronica started volunteering at LSCO right after her retirement as a way to keep busy and engaged. “I knew that if I didn’t have something planned to do, I would just sit at home and watch TV.” Since she had been volunteering in the community since she was in her early 20’s, taking on volunteer roles in retirement was a logical step.

Seeing our member’s smiling faces and having the chance to turn someone’s bad day into a good day with a smile and a kind
word are some of her motivations for volunteering here.

She sees a lot of men and women with spouses who have moved on gathering at LSCO regularly to talk and socialize, and
she honestly feels like if LSCO wasn’t here, these people wouldn’t have a place to go. “It’s so important to be with people,” she
says, and she loves how we encourage people to be together and support one another.

Veronica says that she hasn’t found one person here who she can’t see some good in, and that she always tries to look for the
positive when she can. Veronica’s late husband got her into volunteering nearly 40 years ago. She started with Sparks (Girl Guides Canada) because her husband volunteered for Beavers, and they continued volunteering in the community from then on.

Her message to anyone looking to volunteer is that they should come to LSCO and talk to the volunteer team because we can always use people. “It’s selfless but not,” she says, because while we are helping people, it also gives a great feeling.

Thanks, Veronica, for all that you do here at LSCO. 

To nominate a volunteer for the spotlight series, contact the volunteer team.