Volunteer Spotlight- Jerry

Many of the programs at LSCO are run with the help of wonderful and dedicated volunteers. As a show of appreciation, we wanted to highlight one of our many hardworking volunteers.

Jerry has been an LSCO volunteer since 2019. After taking a break to be a caregiver to his mom, Jerry is back volunteering with us in the kitchen. Jerry has been a tremendous help these past couple months from helping us train new volunteers to
staying back and helping us out when we are short staffed.

Jerry’s main motivation for volunteering with the LSCO is making connections with others and giving back to the community.
He also enjoys working with the kitchen staff who he can joke around with. Jerry’s advice for new volunteers is to give it a shot. Volunteering at the LSCO is an experience that is rewarding and uplifting.

For Jerry, volunteering at the LSCO is something to smile about everyday.

To nominate a volunteer for the spotlight series, contact the volunteer team.