Fitness Centre


A variety of exercise machines, cardio equipment, free weights are available for individuals to use. If you require instruction on using the machines please ask for a free orientation.

Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 3:30 pm
$20 LSCO M; $35 Non-Member
(30 Days from Date of Purchase)
Drop in Fee:  $7 LSCO M; $10 NM

Please note: Fitness Centre is CLOSED on long weekends (including Saturday).

Times are booked for one hour at a time. Please call LSCO at 403-320-2222 to book your time. If time is booked ask for your name to be put on the wait list.

To exercise in the Fitness Centre the following procedures have been put in place.

  • Maximum 6 participants per hour.
  • Participants must have current monthly Fitness Centre Pass Members $20.00 Non Members $35.00.
  • Participants must check in appointment times at Fitness Desk in the Fitness Centre.
  • Participants must maintain 3 metres (9 feet) of distancing at all times.
  • Low intensity fitness activity only. Masks must be worn.
  • Participants must wipe down equipment before and after each use with wipes provided.
  • Maximum booking allowed is 3 times per week and we will only book one week at a time.


As of April 1, 2021, LSCO monthly Fitness Centre passes will be valid from the date of purchase for a period of 30 days. You will be given a new tag with a new expiry date when you renew.

•   LSCO Member Fee: $20/month
•   Non Member Fee: $35/month

For personal safety, individuals must complete a Waiver and Par Q Form. If you answer yes to any question on Par Q, you must complete the PARmed-X Form. Drop In participants must be in good health and have knowledge of exercise equipment.

Please have your Fitness Centre Membership Tag when exercising in the Fitness Centre.

Exercise equipment includes:
•   Abdominal Curl; Chest Press
•   Fly/Deltoid Raise; Lateral Raise
•   Lat/High Row
•   Leg Extension; Leg Press
•   Seated Row; Shoulder Press
•   Tricep Pull Down; Strength Machine
•   2 Ellipticals
•   3 Treadmills
•   2 Recumbent Bikes
•   1 Upright Bike
•   3 Vibration Trainers

There are free weights, fit balls and stretching area.

 The Fitness Centre is open to the public 35 years +