Health Programs

Serenity Foot Care

Serenity Foot Care offers one-hour appointments which includes assessment of the lower legs and feet, including a diabetic foot screen; cutting and filing toenails; filing corns and calluses, corn removal if possible; simple massage; teaching about foot care; recommendations about shoes; referrals to other professionals.

$60 for First Visit • $50 for following Visits

Book your appointments at the Administration Desk or by calling 403-320-2222.


Book your 1 hour appointment at the Administration Desk with the first appointment starting at 9:00 a.m. The cost for a 1 hour session is $50 with a portion of that going to the LSCO.

Benefits of Reflexology
• reduce pain
• enhance relaxation, sleep
• help reduce symptoms of depression & anxiety


Massage Appointments are available every 2nd & 4th Friday from 9:00 a.m. ~ 2:00 p.m.
30 minutes ~ $40
45 minutes ~ $50
60 minutes ~ $60

A portion of the monies go to LSCO. Book your appointment at the Administration Desk or by calling 403-320-2222.


The Podiatrist visits the LSCO  approximately every 4 weeks.

Appointments are necessary and  need to be booked in advance by calling 403-320-2222. To access this service you need to be a current member of LSCO and have your Alberta Health and Wellness card. There is a fee of $10 which is paid at the time of service.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

There is a blood pressure monitor conveniently located at the LSCO main floor, Clinic Room for individuals to use at their convenience. You can keep track of, and record blood pressure and heart rate.

Philips Lifeline Fall Prevention Guide

Philips Lifeline has put out a new Fall Prevention Guide. This is important stuff to know for ourselves and our loved ones. Falls are deadly serious business – even if you aren’t yet at an age where you think you need to worry, there are tips in here for people of all ages.

“In Canada, a senior endures a fall every 12 seconds. Of these fall victims, 67% of them suffer from life threatening injuries if they aren’t found within 72 hours.”